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- Recap on hipsters and merchants of cool - The construction of the teen, by corporations, is very essentialized. Teens all about sex than they were, gross and rude, etc. Mooks and midriffs, don't really exist in reality, are aspirant figures. - Teen is seen as the perpetual victim, not creating things, has stuff inflicted upon them by marketing. Teen market is becoming increasingly fragment, corporations/marketers are fighting each other, like the colonials in Africa, fighting each other for chunks of the market. - Fabian: take a critical look at colonialism itself. Wherever it's been perpetuated, never been easy - always been resisted in various ways. Never able to secure the kind of domination and compliance they want to. See some of that nervousness in corporations, constantly worried that teens don't care, finding ways to make them care. - Marketers: 'ethnography', very superficial, limited. How people use products of mass culture in a given context, can see possibilities of resistance, Fabian's moments of freedom. - The Internet in Trinidad: authors make a few points worth bearing in mind. - Internet may serve to perpetuate differences, inequalities in the world. Can see, in various ways within Trinidad, or within Trinidad generally, people are aware of it, talk about it in various ways. Understand internet as something that is linked to own possibilities, potentials as trinidadians. - Depth of connectedness; forces driving this: not just the sorts of things we associate with the development of the internet (computer nerd, people who drive things, etc.), it's popular culture, mass western culture, which seems to be driving people's approach to the internet, demand for it - Relation to Trinidad history - Importance of transnationalism in colonial and postcolonial experience - The Exterior as the best site to 'Realise' a Trinidadian identity - After slave trade ended, trinidad was also home to all sorts of immigration, indentured labour arriving by the thousands (from India, etc.) Experiences of all sorts of cultures, different ways of being; various European colonialisms, French and British, close to Latin America, range of other migrations which occurred - Trinidad: rather cosmopolitan, can see whole world. - Trinidadians very often aspire to complete education in the center, in Britain, where you can realize yourself fully. The average Trinidadian family has at least one member somewhere else, likewise relates to how they approach and understand the internet. - Range of other things to consider: trying to, rightly, break up any preconceptions we have of small island nations in the Caribbean. Small outposts of poverty, thriving tourism, not much else. All sorts of independence movements, sought in various ways to take care of some of the different ethnic difficulties, strong reliance
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anthro2110_09182008 - - Recap on hipsters and merchants of...

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