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University of Toronto 2009-20010 at Scarborough "HUMAN HEALTH AND THE ENVIRONMENT" (EESA10 H3 S) Instructor: Dr. Silvija Stefanovic Lecture: : Monday 12–2 pm, AA-112 Office hours: : Monday 10am-12 pm Office: PO103 room #102 Email: [email protected] Phone: 416-287-5602 T.A.s: James Nugent Richard Siewierski Lisa Tutty Smriti Das Office: SW511A Office hours: TBA (on the Intranet soon) Textbook: Life support: The environment and human health. Michael McCally, MIT press, Cambridge 2002 (also available on line – see library catalogue and on short term loan in the library). Grading: Assignments (2): 20% (10% each) Mid-term Examination: 30% Final Examination: 50% Intent of the course: Because of pollution, our surroundings are becoming increasingly hazardous to our health. The past century has seen intense industrialization characterized by the widespread production and use of chemicals and the intentional and unintentional disposal of a wide range of waste materials. This course explores the relationship between the incidence of disease in human populations and the environmental pollution. Emphasis will be placed on understanding where and what pollutants are produced, how they are taken up by humans and their long term effects on health; the role of naturally-occurring carcinogens will also be examined. The course will include a view of risk assessment and toxicology using case studies. No prior knowledge of environmental or medical science is required. LECTURE TOPICS 1. Introduction, ground rules, expectations and course structure. Understanding the Health Effects of Environmental Hazards Video : “Everyday carcinogens: Acting for Prevention in the
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Face of Scientific Uncertainty” Featured by Dr. Sandra Steingraber May 3rd 2. Airborne Hazards and Human Health May 10 th 3. Assignment #1 discussion; Waterborne Hazards and Human Health May 17 th 4 . VICTORIA DAY - University closed May 24 th 5. Chemical Hazards and Human Health Video: Health Effects Of Hazardous Materials May 31 st 6. Heavy Metals and Human Health. Case study: CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) wood preservative June 7 th 7. Radiation and Electromagnetic Hazards and Human Health June 14 th 8. Biological Hazards and Human Health Video: Just The Flu June 21 nd 9. Assignment #2 discussion; Foodborne Hazards and Human Health Video: Diet and Disease in Modern Society June 28 th 10. Toxicology, the Science of Risk Assessment, Precautionary Principle July 5 th 11 . Environmental Hazards to Specific Populations: Children, Women, and Occupational Hazards; Growing Population, Overconsumption, War and Human Health July 12
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Outline+EESA10+2010+%28Summer%29 - University of Toronto at...

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