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PSY1 Notes12 - Early Views on Intelligence o o o...

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Early Views on Intelligence Craniometry (e.g., Paul Broca) o Endocasts o Presupposed human racial / sexual hierarchy o Now debunked Sensory Acuity (e.g., Francis Galton) o Reaction time o Sensory testing o Part of Galton’s Eugenics movement Current eugenics practices (e.g., enforced sterilizations) Is there ongoing dysgenics? (Herrnstein & Murray, The Bell Curve, 1996) Roots of IQ Testing School pre-placement tests o Alfred Binet & Theodur Simon o Binet-Simon Scale (1905) William Stern – concept of Mental Age (1911) o Intelligence is Mental Age (MA) compared to Chronological Age (CA) o I.Q. is (MA/CA) x 100 IQ became regarded not as a measure of performance, but of capacity. o Incorrectly connotes innateness o Assumes that intelligence is general (g) o Danger of causal attribution of performance to “intelligence” Founders of IQ-Testing Movement in the US Lewis Terman o Adopted Binet-Simon Scale: Stanford-Binet Scale of Intelligence (1905)
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Henry Goddard o Used term moron
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