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1 METHODS SECTIONS: HDFS 597K January 20, 2009 HDFS 597K Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis Methods • Purposes: – Describe how the study was conducted – Enable reader to evaluate reliability and validity of the results – Allow for replication of the study Methods • Divided into subsections – Participants. (Subjects) • Sampling procedures. – Measures – Measures. – Procedure. –?? Participants. • Sample should be adequately described and should be representative – (of what population?) • Report: Report: – procedures for selecting and assigning them – any agreements or payments made with participants – major demographic characteristics • Sex, Age, Race/Ethnicity, etc. – SES, education, disability status, sexual orientation • Animals: genus, species, strain, supplier, … Participants. • Report: – total number of subjects
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Unformatted text preview: – if any participants did not continue with the study and wh study and why – that the treatment of the subjects was in accordance with the ethical standards of the APA Apparatus. Measures. • Describes the materials used and their function in the experiment • Identify specialized or customized equipment obtained 2 Procedure. • Summarizes each step in the execution of the research • Include any instructions to participants, formation of groups and specific formation of groups, and specific experimental manipulations • Describe control features – Randomization The Method Section • What is the purpose of each subsection? – In terms of validity ? – In terms of substance ? • How long should the section be?...
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  • representative, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Applied Longitudinal Data, major demographic characteristics, specific experimental manipulations

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02_MethodsSection_012010 - – if any participants did not...

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