02_MethodsSection_012010 - if any participants did not...

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1 METHODS SECTIONS: HDFS 597K January 20, 2009 HDFS 597K Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis Methods • Purposes: – Describe how the study was conducted – Enable reader to evaluate reliability and validity of the results – Allow for replication of the study Methods • Divided into subsections – Participants. (Subjects) • Sampling procedures. – Measures – Measures. – Procedure. –?? Participants. • Sample should be adequately described and should be representative – (of what population?) • Report: Report: – procedures for selecting and assigning them – any agreements or payments made with participants – major demographic characteristics • Sex, Age, Race/Ethnicity, etc. – SES, education, disability status, sexual orientation • Animals: genus, species, strain, supplier, … Participants. • Report: – total number of subjects
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Unformatted text preview: if any participants did not continue with the study and wh study and why that the treatment of the subjects was in accordance with the ethical standards of the APA Apparatus. Measures. Describes the materials used and their function in the experiment Identify specialized or customized equipment obtained 2 Procedure. Summarizes each step in the execution of the research Include any instructions to participants, formation of groups and specific formation of groups, and specific experimental manipulations Describe control features Randomization The Method Section What is the purpose of each subsection? In terms of validity ? In terms of substance ? How long should the section be?...
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02_MethodsSection_012010 - if any participants did not...

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