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Persuasive Argumentive Essay

Persuasive Argumentive Essay - Anderson 1 Paige Anderson...

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Anderson 1 Paige Anderson Professor Patterson English Comp 101 09 December 2010 The media does not make children unique Today, society is based primarily on the media, “Media include TV, radio, movies, magazines, video games, the Internet and music videos” (Educate parents). Every new trend has been taken from the media. Since youth are like sponges, they seem to soak up all the media feeds them. Next, the youth translate these ‘media output’ into individual self expressions through behaviors and actions. "Children are influenced by media–they learn by observing, imitating, and making behaviors their own"(Clark). Understandably, there is nothing wrong with expressing oneself, but when these mimicked behaviors become the basis of someone’s personality, and then the media is at fault. However parents are impart responsible for their children actions and behavior. Therefore, we shouldn’t solely place the blame on children alone, but share the blame with their parents. The parents witness their children absorb all the things the media has to offer and they blindly, or naively, think that their child is unaffected, and a unique individual. Overall, parents should be more responsible in raising their children. They should be there to combat the negative influence and questionable influences of the media. The result will be developing a child that is a unique individual who is capable of thinking for themselves. Some parents naively associate their child’s behavior with expressions of individuality. They categorize bad behavior as self expression unique to their child only, but they neglect to
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Anderson 2 recognize that their child is copying what is being portrayed in the media. Actually, “The character, personality, and identity of a person are shaped through many different means, but with the unlimited access to anything and everything through media, children's identities are being skewed” (Nixon). Basically, pop culture is dictating how our youth acts. Today’s youth are trying to replicate everything they see and use it as a reference on how to act in everyday life.
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Persuasive Argumentive Essay - Anderson 1 Paige Anderson...

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