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Vocabulary from Dress Codes (Rubinstein) 1. Public Memory: Part of core culture; concrete representations of collective thought 2. Clothing Signs: (1) task-oriented, (2) having one primary meaning, or (3) recognized as a sign by those who wear it 3. Clothing Tie-Signs: The attire of social subsets 4. Clothing Symbols: Reflect achievements of certain cultural norms; is not required and does not indicate group membership; may enhance one’s sense of social significance; implies social superiority and entitlement; no indication of rights, obligations, or prediction of behavior 5. Clothing Tie-Symbols: Reflects fears, hope, desires, i.e. “Save the Earth” 6. “Public Speak”: A collective response, through clothing 7. Individual Speech: “Talking to oneself through clothes” 8. Modesty Theory: covering/exposing certain parts of the body in ways that are culturally specific 9. Protection Theory: clothing protects the integrity of the body by providing warmth and/or protection for outdoor activities or dangerous sports or jobs
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A100+-+Vocabulary+from+Dress+Codes - Vocabulary from Dress...

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