Chapter 3- Water - 1/7/2010 Special Properties of Water...

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1/7/2010 1 Special Properties of Water © 2010: D. Julian Hydrogen bonds between water molecules Weak hydrogen bonds between the polar H 2 O molecules give water many special properties: 1. Cohesive behavior 2. High specific heat 3. High heat of vaporization 4. Expansion upon freezing 5. Versatility as solvent © 2010: D. Julian Fig 3.2 Water-conducting cells Adhesion Cohesion 150 μm Direction of water movement Cohesion: capillary action Collectively, hydrogen bonds hold water molecules together, a phenomenon called cohesion Cohesion helps the transport of water against gravity in plants © 2010: D. Julian Fig. 3.3 Adhesion is an attraction between different substances, for example, between water and plant cell walls
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1/7/2010 2 Cohesion: surface tension Water molecules at the air-water interface are highly ordered. The net effect is like a film on the water surface. © 2010: D. Julian Heat and energy High specific heat : Compared to most substances, water absorbs more heat (i.e., more energy ) for a given increase in temperature. This helps to stabilize the
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Chapter 3- Water - 1/7/2010 Special Properties of Water...

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