10-2 Piaget - -Deductive Reasoning-Seriation-Trial and...

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Human development 10/2/07 Piaget’s Stages Sensoritmotor Stage 0-2 years -Tertiary circular reactions (12-28 months): experimentation with problem solving -Beginning of thought (1-24 months): solve problems mentally, using symbols to stand  for objects and actions -Object Permanence: objects still exist even if they are no longer visual Preoperational Stage: 2-7 years Characteristic Behavior: -Egocentrism  -Animism-baby dolls, playing house, etc. -Centration What’s lacking? -conservation Concrete Operations Stage: 7-11 years Characteristic Behaviors: -Can solve conservation tasks
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Unformatted text preview: -Deductive Reasoning-Seriation-Trial and error Whats lacking?-Abstract, hypothetical thought Formal Operational Stage: 11-Adult-Hypothetical deductive reasoning-Systematic and scientific thinking about a problem-Adolescent egocentrism Imaginary audience Personal fable Post-formal thought-Relativistic thinking Absolutists-Relativists-Concrete Operational thinkers perform mental actions on concrete objects -Formal operational thinkers perform mental actions on ideas-Post-formal operational thinkers manipulate systems of ideas...
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10-2 Piaget - -Deductive Reasoning-Seriation-Trial and...

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