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ling packet - Graham LING 4030 sp 2010 Acronyms and Terms A...

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Graham LING 4030 sp 2010 Acronyms and Terms: A scavenger hunt As you look these terms up (on web, in articles, text books, wherever) to define them, pay attention to any research/ researchers associated with the concept- they should all relate to teaching/learning language. Some of these are abbreviations, some are theories, some are methodologies, and some may be the “new” term for the same ol’same’ol. Please post your findings on blackboard. You may work individually or in a group. Happy Hunting! 1) ESL – English as a Second Language-the study of English by speakers with a different native language. 2) LLT-Language Learning & Technology-a journal that discusses issues related to language learning and language teaching, and how they are affected or enhanced by the use of technologies. 3) TCT- Teacher Certification Test- A test for future teachers to take to stay they know the required knowledge to teach. 1
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4) PPP- Presentation, Practice, and Production-a common approach to communicative language teaching that works through the progression of three sequential stages. 5) TBT/TBI 6) EFL –English as a First Language OR English as a Foreign Language- This relates to individuals that have English as their “mother tongue”. OR Individuals that have English as a L2. 7) SLA –Second Language Acquisition- The process in which individuals learn a second language along with their native tongue. 8) NS-Not Satisfactory- When a skill has not been met or satisfied. 9) NNS –National Numeracy Strategy-Was set in effect to identify the weaknesses in teaching mathematics in the 90’s. 10) L1 – First Language 11) L2 – Second Language 12) LEP – Limited English Proficiency- An individual that is limited in English. 13) ELL- English Language Learner(s)- An individual or individuals that are learning the English language.
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