Atheism - The New'God Paradox Atheist Author Challenges Top...

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The New 'God Paradox' - Atheist Author Challenges Top Academics April 19, 2010 (MMD Newswire) -- In an absolutely unique challenge, Geoffrey Berg has written to practically all the top academics in leading universities in both the USA and Great Britain. Can anybody rescue the concept of God from the logical ‘God Paradox' disproving God's existence Geoffrey Berg has invented? The question Geoffrey Berg puts is how could any God possibly be identified? How could it be possible for anything (including even an entity that might otherwise qualify as God) to distinguish between an immortal, supremely powerful God and a merely very long lived (but mortal) very powerful (but not supremely powerful) local potentate? That is the ‘God Paradox'. Geoffrey Berg's answer is that it isn't logically possible for any entity to know any apparently God-like phenomenon is not merely a local potentate-and therefore God logically cannot exist! The God Paradox - A Challenge To Academics! I have developed several new arguments/proofs to demonstrate that any coherent concept of God is incompatible with relatively simple Logic. This approach has not been much explored up to now. SYNOPSIS OF THE ARGUMENT OF UNIVERSAL UNCERTAINTY TO DISPROVE THE EXISTENCE OF GOD The Argument: The argument of Universal Uncertainty stated as a logical paradox in relation to God is ‘GOD CANNOT EXIST BECAUSE ‘GOD' CANNOT KNOW THAT IT IS GOD'. This means that an entity with God's other properties cannot have the final property of certain knowledge nor even in the long term certain power consummating it as God. I put this forward as a logically irrefutable proposition. The premises for the argument are two:
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Atheism - The New'God Paradox Atheist Author Challenges Top...

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