Islam - Islam Introduction For Muslims Islam has been from...

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Islam Introduction For Muslims, Islam has been from the beginning much more than what is usually meant by the western concept ‘religion’. Islam means submission to God, is at the same time a religious tradition, a civilization and, as Muslims are fond of saying, a ‘total way of life’. This paper presents research of the beliefs and practices of Islam; the interview will be with a hair stylist who practices Islam faithfully; and finally, I will bring Islam and Christianity together explaining the similarities. Since Islam is such a rich religious and cultural tradition that has varied dramatically across time and place, the sources and methods for understanding it vary equally in breadth. Islam is both a personal religious faith and a cumulative historical tradition. One is that scholars are devoting more attention to the study of Muslim faith and piety. Another is that the search for knowledge
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of varieties of Muslim piety has increased our awareness of the importance of a number of fields that in the past had been neglected by Islamicists or treated as independent disciplines. The term Islam means surrender, submission, commitment, and peace. For believers, Islam is not a new Religion. Rather, it represents the last reiteration of the primordial message of God’s oneness, a theme in earlier monotheistic religious traditions. Beyond belief in specific doctrines and performance of important ritual acts, Islam is practiced as a complete and natural way of life, designed to bring God into the center of one’s consciousness, and thus one’s life. Arabia: The Birthplace of Islam
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Islam - Islam Introduction For Muslims Islam has been from...

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