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Lab 2: Clastic Rock Descriptions KEY C-156 (pebbly sand) 35-40 rounded to well-rounded dispersed 90 5 5 <2 Qtz C-162 70 0 30 0 : 100 0 0 pink, moderately sorted, well-rounded quartz-cemented, quartz arenite <2 C-151 70 0 5 25 : 85-90 10-15 0 pink, fine-grained, well-sorted, well-rounded, hematite-cemented, subarkose supermature C-132 Red, calcite-cemented mudstone (siltstone) <2 C-148 Purple, fine-grained, moderately to well-sorted, rounded, quartz and hematite-cemented,
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Unformatted text preview: quartz arenite Authigenic <2 C-X4 Salt & pepper, fine-grained, well-sorted, moderately to well-rounded, quartz and kaolinite-cemented, lithic arkose (or feldspathic litharenite) 70 15 15 C-X5 Light pinkish brown, fine to very fine-grained, moderately sorted, rounded, calcite-cemented, sublitharentite 75 5? 20...
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