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Lab 5 Pores and Cements (Key) Key by Shane Valentine XFL 1. Origin is the dissolution of feldspar and chert; occurs in feldspar (and chert) grains 2. ~30% XBY 1. 30-35% 2. Several possibilities. Could represent area where other cement existed and dissolved out or just random areas yet to be cemented. AI-88-100 1. ~ 45% 2. Varies from section to section. Some do have clear laminations while others are not so clear. USR-T-16 1. mostly calcite cement is independent of the grains; some overgrowths
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Yes they should recognize that there are shell fragments. However, they are not yet able to identify any of them. MO-19 3. Very little pore space to be filled by cement; very little cement. Cementation prevents compaction compaction preceded cementation. WHB 1. Dolomite Calcite (ignore calcite no stain) 2. Quartz ZHF 1. ~5% 2. ~10-15 3. supermature...
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