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L14_Carbonate Thin Sections I_Key - brachiopods(shells and...

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Lab 14 Key Sample 1 USR-C-50 1) foraminifera (fusulinids & miliolids); with minor: gastropods, green algae, trilobites, bryozoa 2) 3) foraminifera packstone Sample 2 USR-C-10 1) ooids 2) - 3) nuclei – forams, bivalves, quartz, crinoid plates 4) ooid packstone to grainstone 5) shallow marine, shoal Sample 3USR-C-1 1) peloids 2) peloidal packstone Sample C-35 1) sponge-like chaetenids or scleractinian coral? 2) Mississippian, or Triassic to recent 3) Sponge/Coral boundstone Sample 5 TC-418-PaNM 1) crinoid plates, other echinoderm fragments, bivalves; with minor:
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Unformatted text preview: brachiopods (shells and spines), bryozoa, trilobites 2) echinoderm packstone 2) moderate – not too high or crinoids not survive, but fairly coarse grained 3) Paleozoic Sample 6 TC-54-OTX 1) rhombohedrons, no fossils, crystalline 2) hematite Sample 7 TC-240-JrX 1) ~30% 2) quartz, feldspar, fossils, carbonate mud 3) both concentric (tangential) and radial 4) shallow to intermediate burial, fairly loose packing...
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