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Lab 15 Key Carbonate Textural Components and Classification Thin Sections II Sample 1 USR-C-27 1) peloids and rare bivalve, bryozoa, crypto-algal laminations 3) crypto-algal laminated boundstone 5) tidal flat Sample 2 USR-C-62 1) aragonite 3) phylloid algae wackestone, few forams 4) shallow marine (lagoon) Sample 3 USR-C-55 1) twig-like bryozoa, brachiopods, crinoid arm plates, bivalves, fusilinids, trilobites, gastropod (intraclasts), phylloid algae 3) bryozoa, brachiopod, glauconite-bearing grainstone to packstone Sample 4 USR-C-3 1) pisoids 3) mizzia algae mainly and some bryozoa
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Unformatted text preview: 4) pisoid packstone to grainstone Sample 5 USR-C-31 1) forams, bivalves, peloids, brachiopods, trilobites, gastropods, echinoderms, bryozoa 3) fossiliferous packstone Sample 6 USR-C-29 1) rugose coral, peloids, crinoids, twig-like bryozoa, bivalves, triliobite?, phylloid algae 3) fossiliferous grainstone Sample 7 TC-1187 1) echinoid spines, peneroplids, nummulites, bivalves, forams, echinoderms, peloids, green algae (Halimeda), gastropod, bryozoa 3) fossiliferous packstone...
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