COMM 250 STUDY GUIDE - B arlund Believes that whatever the...

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Barlund Believes that whatever the listener assigns the communication is the way that it occurred Does not account for miscommunication – intentionality is not important If communication occurred then meaning was assigned Consummatory vs Instrumental: Consummatory= based off of reflection and instrumental is based on linguistic or symbols, individual reflection Instrumental= stop sign, language Believes the aim of communication is speaker centered, message centered ideas are transmitted Aim of communication is to increase the number of consistencies Argues that any time we communicate there is some inference Message centered, masters the ideas, effective expression, master the facts-ignores the listeners fails to account for meaning arises Speaker centered-content phrasing, intelligence and credibility of source, wont listen to someone younger, fails to account for how meaning arises Based on his definition there is no receiver but himself and therefore it doesn’t matter if there is stimuli or linguistics Meaning is located in whomever is interpreting the information Not about intention it is all about how the message is interpreted Radically unintentional Waltzlawick, Beavin, and Jackson There needs to be a sender and a receiver Differs from Barlund because Barlund says there are any stimuli Intentionality is unimportant Miscommunication is not possible, interpreter will
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see the message the way they choose and it doesn’t matter if they want to send a message or
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COMM 250 STUDY GUIDE - B arlund Believes that whatever the...

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