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COMM250 NOTES: Barlund promises to describe the process of communication. Given his definition of communication, are his comments on the process of communication sufficient to keep his promise? -Sender receiver message Where would meaning be located? -Who ever is interpreting (receiving) the information How to Watzlawick, Beavin, and Jackson define communication, how does their definition differ from that offered by Barnlund? -WBJ “all behavior is an interaction situation has message value i.e., is communication” -Barnlund-communication occurs whenever meaning is assigned to internal or external stimuli -They both have very broad definitions of comm. -Both equate comm with behavior -Barnlund includes internal behavior, WBJ doesn’t According to WBJ in an interactional situation, “one cannot not communicate.” To what sort of position on intentionality is communication does this view commit these theorists and why?
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Unformatted text preview: -Intentionality is not important to them; miscommunication is not a possibility, not worth wile because intent doesn’t influence the message because the interpreter receives the message the way that he or she will choose. • Present the argument offered by WBJ on behalf of their so-called axiom, “one cannot not communicate.” -Everything assigns meaning to something -“A series of messages exchanged between persons will be called an interaction.” -“According to WBJ what are messages and where are they located? Is it clear where or whom meaning may be located?-The meaning of a message resides in the receiver -Aspects of communication: command aspect-relational, report-content of the message -example-“I hate you” said by a friend vs. someone coming up from the street saying it -Report-content:...
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