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Communications Mini Artifact Presentation: Preface the video by asking: How many people could either vote or followed the most recent presidential election? Explain how I believe Obama to be an incredibly influential speaker and ask a show of hands who agrees?: show video Tell everyone to not only pay attention to who is in the video but the message that is being portrayed After video: Some powerful words/ messages? Colors? important term that stood out in this chapter was rhetorical language- or language used to influence thoughts and behaviors the full definition is given as: language used to influence thoughts and behaviors. The speaker employs connotative terms to be persuasive by using emotionally vivid pictures and drawing implications while developing logival appeals.
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Unformatted text preview: • The main usage of rhetorical language in this video is not only what message that Obama is saying, but also who is being used to portray this very powerful message • This focuses not only on what words are actually being utilized but the pictures portrayed as well • Colors? Black and white-powerful clear message, no grey area. • Celebrities speaking Obama’s message • Powerful messages: freedom, yes we can, approaching all voters, women, men, all races, everyone is alike and CAN, opportunity and prosperity, heal this nation, repair the world, change (people wanting change he is giving it celebrities are agreeing), HOPE, letters coming across screen, • Main message given in red juxtaposed to all black and white VOTE. And vote for Obama...
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