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John Smith: A Description of New England His personal description of New England Speaking to potential investors He is the speaker Utilizes rhetorical questions Saying that people will convert to Christianity Wanted to convert the savages There is an abundance of land Described land as free, wildernessy, was the kid of place with endless opportunities, food, and freedom Biggest persuasion that he used was money His letter was an advertisement for the Americas Said all classes had something to gain IMPORTANT QUOTES: “convert those poor savages to Christ” “informing the ignorant” “but if an angel should tell you, that any place yet unknown can afford such fortunes; you would not believe him, no more than Columbus was believed there was any such land as is now the well known abounding America” “I have not been so ill bred…” “and if I abuse you with my tongue take my head for satisfaction” “Here nature and liberty afford us that freely which in England we want or it costs us dearly” “for king, country, master, and servant”-demographic Thomas Harriet: A Brief and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia Was propaganda written in defense of sir walter raleighs voyages Work directed towards “adventurers, favorers, and new writers of the action” Emphasized there was nothing to fear and that the natives were inferior and easy to beat The natives should “love, obey, and fear us” Describes the natives as inferior, yet the things they can do they do well Argues logically that natives would be oben to embracing the new religion The natives know they are inferior and seek acceptance because they’re intelligent enough to know that the English are superior Want to please and obey the English Would economically dominate the land Trying to convince English people that they would be
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treated as a god and that natives were not threatening and they would be spreading knowledge and accomplishments QUOTES: “Shall have cause both to fear and love us” Wiroans “If there fall out any ways between us and them, what their fighting is likely to be…the turning up of their heels against us in running away was their best defense” “Notwithstanding in their proper manner…they show excellence of wit” “They should desire our friendsip and love and have the greater respect for pleasing and obeying us” Talks for a while about values and beliefs then tells a story about two different men in different towns being resurrected from the grave and being saved by a God Talks about the tools that English men had and then says “That they thought they were rather the works of gods than of men” “To show their hungry desire of that knowledge which was spoken of” “sent for some of us to pray and be means to our god so that it would please him either that me might live or after death dwell him in bliss”
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ENGL 221 FINAL STUDY GUIDE - John Smith: A Description of...

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