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ENGL 245 SHORT FILM NOTES 1- THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY Silent movie Black and white Western like setting Man sits at desk and is held up, hit man until he passes out, ties him up, robbers sneak onto train in stealth manner while people are not looking, shot is only really one dimension, shows the train pulling away but not the transition while the robbers are getting onto the train, eventually inside is shown, there is gun fighting and aside from music the only thing that can be faintly heard is a gunshot, explosion, explosion is in color, flashes to the top of the train, music is all string and percussion and slightly anti climactic Get off train after taking all of the goods and hold up all of the people
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Unformatted text preview: hostage, line them up, start killing people who dont cooperate, and take all of their possessions worth value, flee into the woods to get their escape vehicles (horses) and flashes to a small girl walking into the original man, only women and small children have color (innocence? Schindlers list?) All acting is over dramatized due to the lack of sound Police try and get them and are unsuccessful, ends w a gun shot towards camera Questions? Why are only the explosions colorful? And the female jacket? Is it a coincidence? Or meaningful film technique?...
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