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muet id paper - Jamie White Muet 200 Boden Sandstrom...

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Jamie White Muet 200 Boden Sandstrom Deborah Byrd 8 March 2010 Growing Up A Jersey Girl As a young girl, I would wake each Saturday morning to music blaring from my living room stereo. Flying down the stairs I would race into the room greeted by smiling faces, and unique dance moves inspired by the rhythm and beat of each passing song. This music was not terribly out of the ordinary, nor was it music that at the time was frequently played by each radio station or considered to be “pop” music. However, it was music that inspired. It inspired my family, friends, and myself, along with millions of others. This music could only be classified as one thing: classic rock. Whether it was “The Who,” “The Beatles,” or “AC/DC” I was moved by everything that I heard. However, there is one classic rock band that I can truly say has changed me. Politically, and emotionally, “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band” has constantly defined who I am. Growing up listening to his music I truly consider myself to be a “jersey girl.” It is my personal opinion that music that defines one’s self is music that inspires, music that one can relate to, and music that entertains. Boden Sandstrom defines music culture as “as groups total involvement with music: ideas, actions, institutions, material objects- anything that has to do with music” (Sandstrom 5). Thus, it is by combining my beliefs and a concrete definition of music culture I can conclude that I would not be the person I am today, if I had not grown up listening to Bruce Springsteen. Its difficult to find an individual in the state of New Jersey that dislikes Bruce
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muet id paper - Jamie White Muet 200 Boden Sandstrom...

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