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muet midterm study guide - Main Tenets of ethnomusicology...

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Main Tenets of ethnomusicology study of people making music/ study of music in the context of human life Soundscape Refers to the sound: characteristic sound of a particular place, both human and non human Culture Has to do with where people live and his or her beliefs Also involving what is learned which differentiates peoples cultural inheritance from what is passed along biologically in their genes How people understand the situations that they are in Kaluli Of Papua New Guinea Maintain the idea that song birds are the voices of their human ancestors who have died and changed into birds-songs cause human grief which express themselves in weeping Music-Culture A groups total involvement with music: ideas, actions, institutions, material opbjects ect Rhythm, polyrythm The organization of music in time many rhythms played together layered on top of one another – often found in African music and the musical traditions influenced by African music Timbre tone quality of any sound produced by a voice or an instrument Melody, Harmony, form series of musical pitches arranged in order to form a recognizable unit simultaneous combination of notes in a chord, considered pleasing to the ear structural arrangement or arrangement of instruments Four Components of Music Culture Ideas, activities, repertories and material culture of music Aesthetics the criteria used by a culture to determine what is culturally valued, judged desirable and effective Mande Jeli Tradition a special kind of musical and verbal artists they are highly trained professionals whose skills have been learned over a lifetime and passed down through generations within a
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limited number of families –associated with specific instruments like the kora, bala, and
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muet midterm study guide - Main Tenets of ethnomusicology...

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