Astrology Experiment

Astrology Experiment - Taylor Teichman ASTR101 Section 0104...

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Taylor Teichman ASTR101, Section 0104 First two days: SEPT 15 th A career decision seems too difficult to be worthwhile, but if you relax, you will see that this is just a minor slowdown. You will be able to get back to your regular speed in no time. Later today you concentrate on working toward a goal of personal significance. Circumstances may augment and stimulate appreciation and enjoyment of your life situation. Your system of values may deepen, providing you with a better sense of discrimination and good taste. Purchasing, selecting colors, etc., is at a high. Your mind may be very clear now and your thoughts brought to a sharp focus. You will find it easy to organize your thoughts and communication of all kinds is furthered. Write that book or sign up to take a course. Your thoughts count now. Today, September 15 th , I had an intimate conversation with my friends about past relationships and making the effort to better yourself afterwards. This conversation gave me a lot of clarity and allowed me to see that it is most important to work on yourself and gain complete self-acceptance. This conversation really stuck with me today and was very refreshing.
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This note was uploaded on 02/01/2011 for the course ASTR 101 taught by Professor Deming during the Spring '07 term at Maryland.

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Astrology Experiment - Taylor Teichman ASTR101 Section 0104...

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