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Exam 1 Review Requirements

Exam 1 Review Requirements - EXAM I(100 pts Thursday...

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EXAM I (100 pts.) Thursday, October 7 I will host a Review Session on Wednesday, Oct. 6, from 2:30 to 3:45 PM in CSS 2324. Concentrate on the lecture notes—read through them several times, using the book or a study group to clarify material. Seek out Mrs. Deming or any TA for help. Review lecture activities and handouts (examples: appearance of the sky, lunar phases/eclipses; and precession). Review handouts, any notes given in discussion and lab, and discussion/lab activities, sky quiz; weight problems, and the questions that appeared on HW’s 1 & 2. Labs included in this exam: lunar phases and Lab 1. Important topics—see lecture summaries for terms you should be able to use & questions . Introduction to astronomy—overview of universe, “Powers of 10” video Scientific method—What is science? What are the procedures involved in the scientific method? Application—be able to compare astrology and astronomy in terms of what constitutes acceptable scientific support for a hypothesis or theory or law
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