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Final Paper Notes

Final Paper Notes - CMLT275 Final Paper Notes PAPER 1...

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CMLT275 – Final Paper Notes PAPER 1: Describe how characters are effected by the historical circumstances they live in by choosing one character from each book we have read this semester who you think best exemplifies this relationship. For each character/book be sure to use direct quotes and analysis PAPER 2: Describe a character from each text who lives and struggles with gender/racial/class oppression. Analyze how each character attempt to inhabit this identity and what the consequences of inhabiting this identity are. Think about what the author intends to convey through each character. -go from one day having everything completely normal to the next where your town is in shambles or you have to run for your safety, can drastically change your life - focus on a political upheaval where the main characters find themselves out of power and having to deal with severe changes in their relationships and daily lives - shaped by their political upbringings - channel the drastic changes that occur and use what has come out of them to their advantage. The Farming of Bones Amabelle’s identity being formed due to the politics that surrounded her. Amabelle’s identity was formed through the political views on race and ethnicity. When Senora Valencia and her husband found Amabelle she was “a bony little girl with bleeding knees.” (Danticat 91) sitting on a rock by the river. At first Senora Valencia exclaimed how she was so excited to have someone her age live with her. Soon enough however, the political trends caught up with the times and Amabelle became their “housekeeper.” Although the Valencia’s treated Amabelle with the utmost respect, she was still their servant and there was a clear distinction between the social levels of her and the Valencia’s. After the birth of Senora Valencia’s daughter Rosalinda, she became anxious that the baby was too dark skinned. “Amabelle do you think my daughter will always be the color she is now? ‘Senora Valencia asked.’ My poor love, what if she’s mistaken for one of your people?” (Danticat 12) This clearly shows that although the Valencia’s valued Amabelle’s help, they still saw her based on the color of her skin. Because of these circumstances, Amabelle grew to be conscience of her race and continued to serve other people willingly, as it began to come naturally. She was still however loyal to her own people and labeled herself as not being anyone’s property but her own. Unfortunately, Amabelle did not have an extremely strong bond with her family members because of their early death, and she had been working for the Valencia’s ever since. Because of this she did not have many mentors or people who were looking out for her sake, as she was always looking out for others sake. This did however teach Amabelle how to be a caring and considerate person, which came in handy while she was healing.
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