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the first residents history were the Ciboney Indians, who inhabited the island for several thousand years before mysteriously departing. Pastoral Arawak Indians settled here before being replaced by the Caribs , the last group in to inhabit the island before it was taken over by Europeans. That occurred in 1493, when Christopher Columbus spotted Antigua on his second voyage. Life did not change dramatically for nearly 150 years after, though, as the Caribs resisted any European efforts to colonise. In 1632, a group of English colonists left St. Kitts to settle in Antigua. Sir Christopher Codrington, an Englishman, established the first permanent European settlement. From that point on, Antigua history took a dramatic turn. Codrington guided development on the island as a profitable sugar colony. European and African diseases, malnutrition and slavery eventually destroyed the vast majority of the Caribbean's native population. Sugar became Antigua's main crop from about 1674
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