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Review for final Crim100

Review for final Crim100 - Review for final Crim100 General...

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Review for final Crim100 General Trends Crime rates recently have decreased Crime population has increased There are more serious offenders on parole Mala ensea = wrong within itself (ex. Murder, rape) Mala prohibita = wrong by society (ex. Prostitution, gambling) Most concerned with street and visible and ordinary crime Criminal Justice Concepts First 10 amendments are known as the bill of rights Federalism is the division of power between central and state governments Discretion is the use of judgment Exchange relationships = systems of sharing information to achieve goals o Mutual transfer of resources o Ex. Prosecutor and defense attorneys Net widening = increase control of criminal justice system and increase more people Warrant = court order allowing search or arrest (physical taking of someone into custody) Issue in civil court is liability Burden of proof in civil trials is that the prosecution needs to prove preponderance of the evidence
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