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Practice Exam - Name Short-answer questions(It points each...

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Unformatted text preview: Name Short-answer questions (It) points each): Answer all of the following questions and be sure to SHOW ALL OF YBUR—WORK. Correct answers with no work shown will not receive any credit.- However, incon'eet answers with partially~correct work shown will receive partial credit. You should round answers to the thousandths place (3 digits beyond the. decimal) 9 If the random variable X can take values froni 670 to 780 and has a uniform distribution, answer the following questions. (a) What IS the probability that X 1s greater than 704? (b). What is the probability that X is between 679 and 721? (c) What IS the probability that X' 1s less than E(X)‘7 ((1) Let W: 6 + 5X. What IS E(W)? ...
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