Chapter 15

Chapter 15 - Chapter15 19:49 : (B2B)(B2C :,suchas...

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Chapter 15 19:49 Marketing intermediaries : Organizations that assist in moving goods and  services from producers to businesses (B2B) and from businesses to consumers  (B2C) Channel of distribution : A whole set of marketing intermediaries, such as  agents, brokers, wholesalers, and retailers, that join together to transport and  store goods in their path from producers to consumers Agents/brokers : Marketing intermediaries who bring buyers and sellers together  and assist in negotiating an exchange but don’t take title to the goods Wholesaler : A marketing intermediary that sells to other organizations Retailer : An organization that sells to ultimate consumers Utility : In economics, the want-satisfying ability, or value, that organizations add  to goods or services Time utility : Adding value to products by making them available when they’re  needed Place utility : Adding value to products by having them where people want them Possession utility : Doing whatever is necessary to transfer ownership from one  party to another, including providing credit, delivery, installation, guarantees, and  follow-up service Information utility
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Chapter 15 - Chapter15 19:49 : (B2B)(B2C :,suchas...

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