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Saving Private Ryan Reaction

Saving Private Ryan Reaction - The amount of blood and gore...

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Andy Chen King Block 4A Honors U.S History In the film, Saving Private Ryan, it begins by showing the American soldiers in the Normandy Invasion about to land on Omaha Beach. At first, they were at a complete disadvantage as soon as they got out of their boats, and they were being shot down by the German soldiers at rapid rates. Up to this point, I thought they were going to lose it all and fail their mission. After a while, one group survives all the attacks and Captain Miller assembles them to penetrate the German defenses. Surprisingly, they were successful and destroyed all of the German defenses and captured many of their soldiers. I thought that their success was very unexpected and almost a miracle that they survived and were able to overcome the German defenses. This scene gave me an understanding of the reality of war.
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Unformatted text preview: The amount of blood and gore in many of the scenes were excessive. Also, the rate at which the soldiers were dying was astounding. As they were on the boat approaching the beach, it was clear that they weren’t confident in what they were going to do. They also seemed unprepared and dysfunctional. As they arrived on the beach, almost everyone was mixed up and not where they were supposed to be. This made it even more difficult for them to complete their mission. The fact that they achieved their goal was simply unbelievable. After things took a turn for the American soldiers, they regained their confidence and did what needed to be done. Ultimately, this scene successfully demonstrated the effects, both mentally and physically, on the brutality of war....
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