mouse harley paper - Executive Summary After surviving the...

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Executive Summary After surviving the Great Depression and a period fierce competition from the Japanese Manufacturers Harley Davidson’s resurgence as a premier Motorcycle Company has only added to the “mystical powers” of this particular brand. In an effort to get a step closer to its “Ambitious Plan 2003” which calls for increased production quotas a Supplier Information Link Project Team has been assembled to select a partner in which to implement an enterprise-wide information system. Ensuring that this system integrates it’s the corporate vision of highlighting people, processes, and technology choosing the partner that has the best combination of these attributes will be vital to its ultimate success. Provider number one seems to have the right combination of the aforementioned attributes in addition to its high functionality score of 93.44% which gives it the edge over the other two finalists. Although provider two had the highest overall functional score of 98.6% it did not have very high scores for the “people” component of the corporate vision which was my deciding factor that will be explained more in addition to other criteria that led to my selection. Decision Options In the case analysis we have three provider finalist options from which to choose from. Although Provider3 was recently engaged by HD to provide systems in a different functional area and managed to prove solid functionality after a disastrous start to their presentation. Provider2 was a major ERP Software leader with superior functionality out of all
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three providers. Although it had the highest functional score of 98.7% the Sil’k Team seemed put off by their “Consultant” attitude which is totally opposite to the laid back environment at HD. From the beginning, Provider1 made quite an impression from both a social and functional perspective to the Sil’k Team. They really seemed to pay attention to the “people dynamics” which has some bearing when they received an “H” for High in the qualitative scoring.Provider1 scored 93.4% on the self evaluation list and was not the
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mouse harley paper - Executive Summary After surviving the...

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