syllabusSum2010 - OMIS 640 Management of IT (IS Strategy)...

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OMIS 640 Management of IT (IS Strategy) Summer 2010 Nancy L. Russo, Ph.D. Pavlovi Professor of Information Systems Northern Illinois University Phone: 815 753 6370 Fax: 815 753 7460 E-mail: Office hours by appointment. COURSE OBJECTIVES The discussions, lectures, and reading materials in this course are designed to contribute to an understanding of: the importance of fit between information technology (IT) and the organization the value of information as an organizational resource using IT to acquire and sustain competitive advantage global, environmental and ethical issues relating to information technology Case studies from a variety of organizations’ experiences with information technology will be examined in order to distill lessons that can be applied to future IT strategy decisions. The text book is an e-book available from McGraw-Hill. This e-book contains readings and cases. (Details available shortly.) Other readings will be posted on Blackboard or distributed in class.
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OMIS 640 GRADING Mid-term (individual – written) Final (individual – written) Case analysis & presentation (group) Participation, homework & class activities (including unannounced quizzes and in-class activities) 25% 25% 30% 20% A traditional ten-point grading scale will be used (90 and above = A, 80 and above = B, etc.). CLASS POLICIES
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syllabusSum2010 - OMIS 640 Management of IT (IS Strategy)...

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