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Lecture 8 class notes - Lecture 8 Differentiation The...

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Lecture 8 Differentiation- The process by which they change over time through gene alterations The three distinctive features of plants 1. Plastids 2. Vacuole 3. cell wall. Plastids- Land Plants invented several other kinds of plastids to do certain things. Green chloroplast turns into red plastids. [what is a carotenoids] = Pigment In all plants, the starch is only stored in the Plastids !! What is left once the chlorophyll is depleted the choratenoids is all that there is left. Amyloplasts - store starch FUNCTION OF THE VACUOLE- I. Drives cell expansion a. Cell is apical meristem with small vacuoles. There are many small ones in the beginning, and then they join together, slowly by slowly the vacuole, (has a membrane) becomes enormous and fills up the entire cell. This has an enormous hydrolic pressure. The vacuole starts as a small one, waters goes in and gets larger and exerts a lot of force on the cell wall, but the vacuole gets loosened and then finally blows the cell wall. b. The membrane at the end of the vacuole, the tonoplast , has pumps transporters and channels for moving water and solutes. II. Support by making cell turgid III. They store pigments, and toxic compounds- a. Alkaloids - kill herbivores, nicotine b. Tannins - kill fungi, protect the plant IV. Autophagy , like lysosomes - a. People thought that the little pieces of the vacuole were like lysosomes, because they did have ribosome’s in them and since the vacuole started to engulf the cell, they didn’t realize how Characteristic feature of plant cells- The plant cell wall ALL CELLS HAVE THEM…
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Primary wall- support and protection I. Primary cell wall and the first layer is formed during growth They have these things. It has a cellulose (only glucose) framework…
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Lecture 8 class notes - Lecture 8 Differentiation The...

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