Rimma Likover Homework 1

Rimma Likover Homework 1 - CHM 101 Homework 1(Chapter 1 3.1...

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CHM 101 Homework 1 (Chapter 1, 3.1 – 3.7) 1. During the first week of a new semester, consider that you have enrolled in five different classes, each of which meets for 3 hours per week. For every 1 hour that is spent in class, a minimum of 1 hour is required outside of class to complete assignments and study for exams. You also work 20 hours per week, and it takes you 1 hour to drive to the job site and back home. On Friday nights, you socialize with your friends. You are fairly certain that you will be able to successfully complete the semester with good grades. Show how the steps in the scientific method can help you predict the outcome of the semester. Observation-Observe your schedule for work, class and driving. Question-Will I be successful at completing the semester with good grades? Hypothesis-If I schedule my time and do not waste time by keeping track of every hour on a cellular calendar, I will have time for class, work, and socializing. Prediction-I will probably get burnt out and something will have to be cut out. Testing-Total hours in one week-168 hours, Class-15 hours, studying-15 hours, work-20 hours, driving to and from work-6 hours, sleeping-56 hours; eating-10 hours, socializing-4 hours on Friday I will have to test for one week how strict I can stick to this schedule without burning out. There may be variations since some classes require more or less than 1 hour for studying. Data-After looking at my data, I will have to make sure that the data is valid and created on site.
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Rimma Likover Homework 1 - CHM 101 Homework 1(Chapter 1 3.1...

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