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qz10sol_3885f10 - a What is the mass of the water pumped...

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TA: Tomoyuki Nakayama Monday, November 15, 2010 PHY 2048: Physic 1, Discussion Section 3885 Quiz 10 (Homework Set #12) Name: UFID: Formula sheets are not allowed. Calculators are allowed. Do not store equations in your calculator. You need to show all of your work for full credit. ________________________________________________________________________________ Water is pumped steadily out of a flooded basement at a speed of 6.00 m/s through a uniform hose of radius 0.800 cm. The hose passes out through a window to a street ditch 2.50 m above the waterline.
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Unformatted text preview: a) What is the mass of the water pumped out from the basement in one second? During time interval Δ t, the water moves Δ x = v Δ t in the hose. The mass of water flowing out of the hose in Δ t is Δ m = ρΔ V = ρ ( π r 2 )v Δ t Therefore, the mass of the water pumped out in one second is Δ m/ Δ t = ρ ( π r 2 )v = 1.21 kg b) What is the power of the pump? The power of the pump is defined as the work done by the pump in a unit time. The work energy yields P = W/ Δ t = ( Δ K + Δ U)/ Δ t = (1/2)( Δ m/ Δ t)v 2 + ( Δ m/ Δ t)gh = 51.4 W...
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