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TA: Tomoyuki Nakayama Monday, November 22, 2010 PHY 2048: Physic 1, Discussion Section 3885 Quiz 11 (Homework Set #13) Name: UFID: Formula sheets are not allowed. Calculators are allowed. Do not store equations in your calculator. You need to show all of your work for full credit. ________________________________________________________________________________ A block of mass M = 2.00 kg, at rest on a horizontal frictionless table, is attached to a rigid support by a spring of constant k = 800 N/m. A bullet of mass m = 5.00 g and velocity v of magnitude 300 m/s strikes and is embedded in the block. Assume the compression of the spring is negligible until
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Unformatted text preview: the bullet is embedded. a) What is the speed of the block just after the bullet is embedded in the block? During the collision between the bullet and block, the total momentum of the system is conserved. The momentum conservation equation yields mv = (M + m)V ⇒ V = mv/(M + m) = 0.748 m/s b) What is the amplitude of the resulting simple harmonic motion? Once the bullet is embedded in the block, the mechanical energy of the system is conserved. The energy conservation equation yields (1/2)(M + m)V 2 = (1/2)kx m 2 x m = V √ [(M + m)/k] = 0.0374 m...
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