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Unformatted text preview: TA: Tomoyuki Nakayama Monday, October 11, 2010 PHY 2048: Physic 1, Discussion Section 0132H Quiz 6 (Homework Set #7) Name: UFID: Formula sheets are not allowed. Calculators are allowed. Do not store equations in your calculator. You need to show all of your work for full credit. ________________________________________________________________________________ Tarzan, who weighs 800 N, swings from a cliff at the end of a vine 15.0 m long. From the top of the cliff to the bottom of the swing, he descends by 5.00 m. The vine breaks if the force on it exceeds 1000 N. a) What is the initial angle of the vine to the vertical? Let L be the length of the vine. When the angle of the vine is θ , the projection of L onto the vertical direction is Lcos θ . The height of the end of the vine is h = L – Lcos θ Solving this equation for θ and plugging the initial height, we get θ = cos-1 (1 – h i /L) = 48.2º b) Does the vine break? If the vine breaks, find the angle with the vertical at which it breaks. If the b) Does the vine break?...
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