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PHY 2048: Physics 1 with Calculus, Fall 2010 (Discussion Section: 0132H, 3885, 3891 & 7193) Instructor: Tomoyuki Nakayama, Office: 2155 New Physics Building, Phone: 352-392-0310 Email: [email protected] , Web: Office Hours: Thursday 5:10-6:00pm (R10) & Friday 3:00-3:50pm (F8) ________________________________________________________________________________ What are we going to do here? Discussion sections offer you an opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ve got in the lecture class to actual problems. Therefore, we spend most of the time working on problems. We normally start our discussion with a review of the topics covered during the previous week. I prepare a handout for the review so that we can discuss problems more efficiently. The main purpose of the review is to reinforce and refresh your knowledge and problem solving technique which you must have developed through previous week’s lectures and discussion. After the review, we move on to new topics. I will introduce theory, but very briefly, for theoretical background should be given in the lecture class. Instead of giving mathematical derivations of the equations we shall use, I will explain the physical meaning of the equations. Once the theoretical introduction is done, then we walk through examples. Some of the examples worked here are chosen from a homework assignment, others are chosen based on pedagogical purpose. I give you a detailed calculation for each example, except numerical calculations. The last part of discussion class is quiz. The discussion grade is solely based on the scores on the quizzes, which counts for 20 % of the overall course grade. What do you expect us in (& out of) class? This is a physics discussion session, so obviously we want to discuss physics. Please be interactive, and speak up. Although I will give you every step on the board while solving problems, my calculation might be faster than that of yours. If you have trouble following my calculation or
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syllabus_f10 - PHY 2048 Physics 1 with Calculus Fall...

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