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November 1 class notes

November 1 class notes - November 1 2006 Plant Nutrition LM...

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November 1, 2006 Plant Nutrition: LM of a lateral root – Later roots originate inside the root, not at the surface like root hairs. Lateral root kills tissue cells. Root hairs go into soil water soil air and soil particles. The root hairs are doing cation exchange … Cation = a cat.. and it’s positive… positively charged ion. The protons are being released through the chemosmosis process and then go into the soil, and the negatively charged clay particles get stuck to the root hair. Clay favors protons over cations…cations get released into the root hair and soil. This process of exchanging protons for these minerals would never happen if it wasn’t for the chemeosmosis thing. Why do plants die with too much water they suffocate because they can’t do respiration which forms ATP to pull in all the minerals. All this water, where does it go… they go into the xylem. All the water containing the minerals has to get into here. IT ends up there… the xylem. Short distance transport of water form xylem to root hair Root hairs have cell wall… the water enters through the cell wall and stays in the apoplast…, and it stays there. Then it can move through the cortex into the endodermis
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