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Khoa Mai Comm 88 TA: Grace Anderson November 11, 2009 Exercise: Experimental Research 1.) It is an experiment because they use manipulation and manipulate the independent variable. This would be appropriate for the study because they are examining how likeable/dislikeable acts within a salient subgroup identity affect interpersonal perceptions and group interactions. 2.) The independent variable is group membership (in-group/out-group) behavior. The dependent variable is attractiveness. In the study, the experimental design is variations because there are more groups and several different treatments.
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Unformatted text preview: It allows the researcher to test how intergroup membership and interpersonal behavior affect the attractiveness of participants. The advantages of this design lets the researcher see how the effects of likeability and dislikeability effect the groups attitudes and their perceived productivity. 3.) The strength of the study was that it allowed for good internal validity; however, it lacked good external validity. Exercise: Beginning Data Analysis d) Example #2 The internet self-efficacy scale mean for men is 6.7. The internet self-efficacy scale mean for women is 6.5....
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