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Khoa Mai Comm 88 October 23, 2009 Part A: 1. The sampling technique used was a convenience random sample of the students in the communication classes. 256 students were recruited from several communication classes to be sampled. External validity might be important because they only sampled from the communication classes and now a bigger population. 2. The population from which the sample was drawn was the communication classes. They can only generalize their results to the communication department because it was a random sample of the communication department and not of the entire campus across all the majors. The results could differ in gender because communication at UCSB has more
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Unformatted text preview: females than males so sampling outside of communication would change those results. Part B: 1. The sampling technique used was a random sampling method at which males were chosen at random. 216 males were sampled for this study. 2. The population from which the sample was drawn from are males. The researchers can only generalize about the male population at the university that the study was done because they only sampled males and not females. The results could differ from university to university because males that attend more academically competitive schools might think differently....
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