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Khoa Mai Comm 88 November 6, 2009 Exercise: Survey and Correlational Research Part A: 1. The topic of the problem in this article is does using a social network site lead to greater social capital, or do those who are more social have more incentive to use social network sites. 2. The survey used here is a longitudinal survey. This is importanta because it can show how the variable correlate with each other. 3. I think their wording of the questions was good because it was very clear and concise. Part B: 1. The claim in the binge-drinking to marketing was a causal claim. The claim in the TV- watching lowers physical activity is a relational claim. 2. The researcher’s actual findings in the binge-drinking to marketing study was that there were high rates of binge-drinking on campuses with large numbers of outlets selling beer
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Unformatted text preview: in volume packages, or bars and restaurants offering frequent price promotions. The researchers in the TV-watching lowers physical activity study found that each hour of television viewing was associated with 144 fewer steps walked. 3. These reportings could be misleading because it doesn’t account for other outside variables. For instance in the binge-drinking to marketing one it doesn’t account for campuses that have a reputation for partying already. The reportings in the TV-watching lowers physical activity can be misleading because there are many more factors that cause people to be physically inactive. For example health, disabilities, lifestyle based on race, and even lack of motivation to be active are all factors that can contribute to physical inactivity....
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