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Comm 88 Research Paper Outline 1. Introduction a. [Introduce topic] – We researched how men and women choose mates differently based on appearance and personality traits. b. [State research question] – Men will choose appearance traits over personality traits than women do. c. [Review the literature, summarize what the two studies did and found] – d. [Explain WHY you are making your predictions, use the two empirical studies to justify your research question] – 2. Method a. [Example exactly what you did in your study] b. [Sample] – Students in Communication 88
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Unformatted text preview: c. [Materials] – d. [Measures] – We measured our data by frequencies from a survey. e. [Design] – f. [Variables and how Operationalized] – Our variables are appearance and personality. We operationalized these in our three scenarios by changing key words. g. [Basic Procedure] – Copy of scenario and survey 3. Results a. [Report data/frequencies] – Report the frequencies from data on Male and Female. b. [Graph] – Add a bar graph 4. Discussion a. [What can I conclude based on my findings?] – b....
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