ENV S 173 Lecture 10 23

ENV S 173 Lecture 10 23 - Florence Bramhall-she was the...

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ENV S 173 Lecture 10 23 Conversation and the U.S. Forest Service The Gospel of Efficiency -was like a religion, they practiced it all the time, efficient was their word, need a big efficient government to run big efficient companies/businesses Division of Forestry -in the department of agriculture that Pinchot took chief of, started to spread the forest programs across the U.S. and started with Yale. 1988 this started. This organization had no forests to manage people it was controlled by the Federal Reserve, so Pinchot went out and lobbied in 1902. Started in Minnesota to spare the last forests that never got cut down, was unclaimed reservation land. Minnesota National Forest -was unclaimed reservation land that Pinchot wanted it to be a forest reserve, Pinchot sent his representatives from Washington to Minnesota to manage this forest, the locals were not having it and took potshots at them and tried to poison the main representative, but the representatives stuck it out
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Unformatted text preview: Florence Bramhall-she was the main lobbyist in Minneapolis, she talked to Pinchot and Roosevelt, she was the one that created the Minnesota National Forest, Bureau of Forestry-the division of forestry was elevated to this term in 1901, every year Pinchot got more and more procreations and his agency grew, hired young people from Yale/other universities, took 7 years but Pinchot got the forest reserves to be transferred to the bureau of forestry Transfer Act (1905)-act of congress which transferred the forest reserves (national forests) from the department of agriculture to the bureau of forestry U.S. Forest Service National Forests Theodore Roosevelt-similar to Pinchot, wealthy New York banking family, went to Harvard, Boone and Crockett Club William McKinley Conservation Ultilitarian conservation...
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ENV S 173 Lecture 10 23 - Florence Bramhall-she was the...

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