ENV S 173 Lecture 10-26 with Midterm Review

ENV S 173 Lecture 10-26 with Midterm Review - ENV S 173...

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Unformatted text preview: ENV S 173 Lecture 10-26 Roosevelt, Pinchot, Muirand Hetch Hetchy Governors’ Conference on Conservation Took place in 1908, all Pinchot’s idea, he wanted to organize a conference of governors on conservation, “how do you conserve natural resources in America?” In May 1908 conference was held at the White House, Spring Valley Water Company Private water supplier, supplied water to San Francisco, Toulumne River Hetch Hetchy Valley Is an Indian name, it means the beautiful valley, inside the Yosemite National Park boundaries, was off-limits to development, hydraulic engineers went out looking for the best place to build a dam and they saw Hetch Hetchy to be a good place for a reservoir, 1890s – early 1900s, “the greatest good” vs. “God’s holiest temple” Pinchot believed if it benefited more people then it was the greatest good for many people, no holier thing in the world than what God built, placed God in nature, Great Quake of 1906 April 8, 1906, happened in San Francisco, 8.1 magnitude, epicenter in middle of the city in Francisco, ran out of water to put out all of the fires that had happened due to the earthquake, inadequate water supply so the city burned, after that momentum changed towards damming Hetch Hetchy Valley, William Howard Taft Successor to Roosevelt, 4 for years he didn’t make any real decisions to dam Hetch Hetchy Woodrow Wilson Franklin Lane Election of 1912, democrat, took office in 1913, - Appointed secretary of the Interior, in charge of National Parks, Congressional vote (1913) 6th of December 1913, U.S. Senate voated 43-25 to pass the Racker act to dam Hetch Hetchy, following year Muir died of a heart attack, Hetch Hetchy Reservoir 1920 the dam was completed, created a rift between Midterm Review One essay: either focusing on the preservation movement (national park idea) or utilitarian conservation (national forest idea). Both are on exam. You get your choice. Preservation: central character: Muir Utilitarian conservation: central character: Pinchot (read Pinchot chapter) Either essay should begin with an overview of how the resource-intensive ways of Western Civilization came to bear on what became the United States, and led to preservation or utilitarian conservation Either essay should culminate with Hetch Hetchy. All readings through week five in reader are relevant. ...
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