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ESS 132 Save ESS Rally

ESS 132 Save ESS Rally - it made me think why Why cut a...

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Khoa Mai Perm: 7469380 ESS 132 Dale November 11, 2009 Save ESS I didn’t really know about the Exercise and Sports Studies until I heard it from a friend. I signed up for ESS 132 and I absolutely love it. I am learning a lot in this class. I am really disappointed that the program is being cut due to budget cuts. I feel that any part of a student’s education should never be cut! The ESS minor is very popular at UCSB and even more popular when students are just taking random classes out of it because it is interesting. There is a reason why so many people know about the program and the classes the ESS department offers. If the program wasn’t widely known then I could understand why they would cut it; however, after attending the Save ESS Rally and seeing all the people who showed
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Unformatted text preview: it made me think why? Why cut a program that brings UCSB a lot of money with students taking the classes offered by the ESS Department? Why cut a program that is enjoyed by the student body? Why cut a program that is important because sport plays such a big role in many of our lives? Why , why, why? What about the students who are knee deep in the ESS minor and won’t be able to finish their minor because other people want to cut this program? That would have made them waste a lot of time. I feel like the people who decided to cut the ESS program are making a huge mistake and won’t know it fully until it is gone....
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