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Useful Business Journals and Web Resources

Useful Business Journals and Web Resources - Business...

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Business Journals and Computer Resources Useful Industry Publications : Industry publications are useful tools to stay abreast of current events and industry dynamics. Moreover, they are great research sources. The three listed below should prove extremely helpful. ABI/Inform EBSCO Host Lexus Nexus Infotrac FISonline Dow Jones Disclosure www.census.job Statusa Facts.com RandMcNally.marketing Wall Street Journal Transcript Regulatory Agency Websites (FCC, EPA, …….) Research Alert www.thestandard.com www.upside.com www.redherring.com www.dmnews.com www.hbs.edu www.economist.com Useful “Africa focused” websites: (for those of you researching other countries these may lead you to websites that deal with your particular country) www.africanews.com www.newafrica.com www.africa.com Useful Search engines: Self-Explanatory. www.google.com www.about.com www.ask.com Locating Articles and Publication http://www.howard.edu/library/ (click on “Databases and Articles” and search by fields) ABI/Inform Global R Description: ABI/Inform provides summaries and citations from over 1000 academic management, marketing, and general business journals, with full text available for more than 500 of these publications, including the Wall Street Journal. Over 350 English-language titles from outside the United States are included as part of this collection. Electronic Journal Service R Description: Search Ebscohost's gateway to thousands of e-journals by title, subject or keyword to link directly to full text articles.
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Factiva (formerly Dow Jones Interactive) [No proxy service for remote access; user must be on campus network proper] R A Dow Jones & Reuters company, provides online global news and business information from over 8,000 sources, including Dow Jones and Reuters Newswires. News Pages include: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Newsweek, Barron’s, Forbes, Fortune. Lexis-Nexis Universe R Description: Search the full text of today's news, or search back more than 20 years. Retrieve full text company news & financial information, SEC filings and reports. Search full text federal, state & international legal materials. Find full text & abstracted medical & health information; accounting literature. Search general reference sources. Emerald Fulltext Journals R Description: Contains 35,000 articles from over 100 management journals, complete with full text archives back to 1994. Covers the major management disciplines including strategy, leadership, information management, marketing and human resource management.
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