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SOM 301-Spring 2010 Lecture Team Project DUE: The multiple deliverables of this project are due according to the following schedule: Part I - Team Pre-work A. Team Dynamic Assignment (see course schedule for due dates) 1) Guidelines; 2) Responsibilities; 3) Progress ; 4) Next Steps Part II – Presentation A. Presentations given in lecture beginning the week(s) of April 12th and April 19th. Part III - Self Evaluation due in lecture the day of your team presentation. POINTS: 100 total (presentation = 80 points; Team Dynamic = 10 points; Self-Evaluation = 10 points). OBJECTIVES: To experience working in a team environment, practice presentation skills, improve research skills, apply knowledge of culture, develop analytical skills, and develop skills in collaborative writing. AUDIENCE: Investors ASSIGNMENT: Your company has created a product or service and will “pitch” your idea to potential investors in a formal business presentation. You will complete: a 13 minute presentation (11 minutes presentation, 2 minutes Q&A) using visuals. As a team, students will conduct primary research to select two potential target market(s): 1-US and 1-global (Canada can not be used as a Global market). Selecting a global market requires research to determine which country/region might benefit from your product/service based on need or present an opportunity to generate revenue for your company. (Cultural implications must be considered). Students will also conduct research to identify competitors. The team must develop a plan for implementation that includes: company management and operations (how company will be managed and operate), financial implications (Return on Investment, annual growth, etc.), marketing strategies and integration of technology. Some questions to be addressed: Convince the investors of the benefits of your product or service? How your product or service measures against your competitors? How and why the target markets (US and global) were chosen? What strategies will be used to market the product? How technology will be integrated to help generate interest in products and services? Time constraints require that the presentations be succinct. The presentation
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SOM301SP2010-LectureTeamProject - SOM 301-Spring 2010...

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