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Spring Cover Letter Rubric1

Spring Cover Letter Rubric1 - SOM 301 Cover Letter Rubric...

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SOM 301 Cover Letter Rubric Cover Letter (50 points) Excellent Good Fair Poor Unsatisfactory Points Earned Content: 0-20 points The letter clearly states the position applied for and where the author learned of the opening. The letter expresses specific interest in the job and company. The letter shows 2-3 skills, qualifications, or accomplishments related to this position. The letter shows what the writer will bring to the company, not what the writer will gain. The writer references the resume. The letter closes graciously with a reiteration of interest and contact information. [20] The letter includes almost all necessary items and guidelines are followed for the most part. There are 1-2 minor errors in presentation of the content. For the most part, the cover letter is relevant to the position being sought. [19-16] Several necessary content items are missing or there are several errors in presentation. The letter offers a weak connection to the position being sought.
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