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Spring Research Writing - SOM 301 LAB RESEARCH WRITING...

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SOM 301 LAB – RESEARCH WRITING ASSIGNMENT Due date: Week of March 15 Points: 60 Objective: To use research to support statements; to properly cite research Purpose: To inform; to persuade Format: Paragraphs with internal citations and reference list in APA format Audience: Superior; formal SafeAssign: Yes. Failure to submit to SafeAssign by the start of lab will result in a grade of zero. REMINDER: The Associate Dean of the Office for Academic Integrity has asked that papers that fail to include all necessary internal citations receive a grade of zero. While no one can predict with complete accuracy the impact the current economy will have on individual businesses and the industries in which these operate, through research and analysis, an educated guess can be made. Directions 1. Select an industry that you find interesting; next, select a company within this industry that you find interesting. 2. Assume that your audience is your direct work supervisor; you have been tasked with demonstrating your knowledge of the selected industry and company so that investment
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Spring Research Writing - SOM 301 LAB RESEARCH WRITING...

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